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o lately, I’ve been obtaining a few messages in regards to new Travel-based Network Marketing company called Plannet Marketing. And it’s likely that if you’re reading this article, you may be thinking about joining and you are clearly doing some late research around the company. If that’s the case, then look no further. In this Plannet Marketing Review, I’ll cover all of the essential details you will want before you join. With that said, I do desire to disclose that I am not really a Plannet Marketing distributor. In all honesty, it genuinely doesn’t matter for me one way or even the other when you join which means you know you’ll be finding a truly unbiased review.

Who Is Plannet Marketing?

Plannet Marketing is really a company that sells cross a Network Marketing business design. The company is predicated out of Atlanta, Georgia so when of this writing Plannet Marketing is merely over half a year old. The company was founded by Donald Bradley, formerly of YTB and Paycation Travel. Bradley brings with him twenty years of example of Network Marketing. Before starting Plannet Marketing, Bradley was the Master Distributor and #1 Income Earner in Paycation Travel. He literally had everyone in Paycation as part of his downline and was to blame for bringing in their top leadership group. I’m not sure what went down, but around the time Craig Jerabeck and Barry Donalson left 5linx and joined Paycation was the same time frame Bradley chose to leave. Maybe he didn’t feel better about those guys joining and being sponsored because of the company when he was the Master Distributor. Who knows? And nobody cares? Regardless in the reason, it’s like Bradley was happy to walk away from everything he developed to start from scratch again. Overall, the corporation looks pretty solid. And while it’s to soon to tell if they’ll be also around for the long term because they’re just a few months old, Bradley and also the other members in the Corporate team bring lots of experience in Network Marketing and Travel, which is usually a good thing.

How Do You Make Money With Plannet Marketing?

The actual comp plan provides a few ways for distributors to obtain paid. But the crown jewel from the compensation plan would be the 3X9 Matrix. With a Matrix model, it’s critical that you have a spot in the beginning if you need to capitalize on spillover. If you’re positioned underneath a solid builder, it is possible to benefit from their efforts since they place people under you when they’re filling up their Matrix. With a fully filled 3X9 Matrix, you should have 29,523 distributors underneath you. If they’re all active so you get $4 monthly from each distributor, you’ll be able to make around $118,092 monthly. In addition to your Matrix pay, you are able to also earn a 10% Match around the Matrix pay of your respective personally sponsored distributors.

In addition towards the Matrix, the corporation provides monthly bonuses to Directors. Here’s a simple breakdown of how the Director bonuses work:

1 Star Director – 100 active distributors – $500/month
2 Star Director – 300 active distributors – $1,000/month
3 Star Director – 500 active distributors – $2,000/month
4 Star Director – 1,500 active distributors – $5,000/month
5 Star Director – 4,000 active distributors – $10,000/month
6 Star Director – 10,000 active distributors – $16,000/month
7 Star Director – 25,000 active distributors – $30,000/month
8 Star Director – 50,000 active distributors – $50,000/month
9 Star Director – 100,000 active distributors – $100,000/month

Between the Matrix Pay, the 10% Match on your own personals along with the Director Bonuses, it’s pretty clear that there is plenty of money for the back end. If you’re a powerful team builder and you also have a knack for creating good culture, Plannet Marketing can be quite a very lucrative chance for you.

Should You Join Plannet Marketing?

Well, only it is possible to truly answer that. The company certainly looks solid. Travel is really a very marketable service that’s very easy to talk about. And the pay plan is generous and lucrative. All those things together should guarantee success, right? Unfortunately, nothing may be further from the truth. At the end with the day, it is your ability to sponsor people for your business on the consistent basis which will lead to making money online. This is why I recommend which you learn Attraction Marketing. If you’ll be able to position yourself before prospects which are already in search of what you’re offering, you have no problem getting leads online. And in the event you have an abundance of quality leads, there is no telling how successful you’ll be able to be.

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